Custom Photo Gift

Custom Photo Gift


One of a Kind gifts made for that special someone...


Turn cherished memories into a work of art!  Everyone has photos in their home, why not turn those photos into a beautifully lasered piece of art on wood? 


Whether you are looking for yourself or for a gift, laser engraved items are unique and personal.  Include a special message, a date, names, etc.  Customize to fit your needs and provide your recipient with a most thoughtful and cherished gift.


Display your wood lasered piece on an easel, frame it or hang it on a wall.  There is no wrong answer when it comes to displaying your wood lasered artwork.   

  • Wood Characteristics

    As with our other wood items, each piece is unique as the wood will show different characteristics.  Don’t worry! The natural wood and its individual characteristics add charm and authenticity to each piece.

  • Photo Quality

    The higher the photo quality, the better the results.

    • Quality is key.  A 300dpi (minimum) quality photo taken in good lighting will produce the best possible results
    • Don’t be discouraged.  If your photo is less than 300dpi, it can still be used to render a beautiful piece.  Some details may not be as crisp as a higher quality photo; however, it does not mean it cannot be used
    • Very dark or blurry photos will not typically produce the desired results; however, if you are unsure if the quality of your photo will produce a quality piece of art, please message us and we will work with you to determine the best outcome
  • Finish

    All laser engraved pieces will be finished with a light polyeurathane spray finish.  Not designed for outdoor use, especially in direct exposure to elements.

    If a more impenetrable finish is needed, please indicate when ordering.